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Open Exchange Rates provides a simple, lightweight and portable JSON API with live and historical foreign exchange (forex) rates, via a simple and easy-to-integrate.

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Free Currency Converter API offers free web services for developers to convert one currency to another. (JSON and JSONP support):.This repository contains lists of world countries in JSON, CSV and XML. ISO 4217 currency code(s) (currency) calling code(s) (callingCode) capital city (capital).

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You helped with starting a similar project, which has all states along with a beautiful photo of each state.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open and text-based data exchange format means it is a text format for the serialization of structured data.The functional values are listed as an array of decimal values where the currency code is the JSON. rather than reconciling a list of decimal and currency.Get historical exchange rates for any date available from the Open Exchange Rates API.Our Javascript Quote API allows you to quickly and easily integrate market data into your web application,.Common lisp currently has six libraries that address importing and.

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And here is the same book list as raw JSON data structure with collections included.I have been looking for free or paid json data feeds on currencies for long.Please advice API for currency converting which returns JSON or small size html.

The XE Currency Data API offers flexible packages that work for your business.It uses succinct data-structures to allow traversal of large JSON strings with.

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Note: In all API calls, replace the % and example values between the % signs with your own variable values.

CLDR JSON Bindings. from. This document describes transformation between the XML format of structured locale data and JavaScript Object Notation. currency: from.JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format, codified in rfc4627.

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